Future Of Portable Hygiene Has Arrived

A next-generation personal care kit offering a superior way to clean anywhere.

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A next-generation personal care kit offering a superior way to clean anywhere.

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We Roll Different

Every day, 27,000 trees from our backyards are wiped out to make traditional hygiene products. We are on a mission to end the 10 million trees being wiped out every year and replace the wipes you've used your whole life.


Energy Energy

How it works


a wipe tablet with water + your sanitizing solution.


the tablet by adding your solution from the refillable dispenser.


your face, your hands and all the parts you care about.

Tried, Tested, and Proven

Made with OEKO-TEX® certified medical-grade cloth, Dewzi wipes are scent-free and germ-resistant wipes that are sure to keep you clean and fresh in your daily grind.





Expands 1,000% for anywhere

Just add the tablet and water or alcohol to your refillable dispenser and you're good to go. Simple, innovative, and portable. Bye, Bye big bags of wipes of the past!





Refill is the New Recycle

Shop for one-time supplies or refill plans, delivered right to your door. We've got refillable dispensers and cases that are for long-term reuse and are also 100% recyclable.



Soft & Luxe

Heavy Duty

Plant a 🌳 & Grow Hope

Get up to $20 of donation credit towards wildlife conservation efforts with our friends at One Tree Planted.

Made with OEKO-TEX® certified
medical-grade cloth

Love it, or it's on us.
100% happiness guaranteed.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Best innovation of 2020!

“I needed something that wasn’t so harsh. This magical tiny wipe feels like a spa, and leaves my hands feeling smooth. I love it!”.

- Barbara L.
It is absolutely genius.

"I fell in love right the way.super convenient, versatile. Love love love. Recommend it to everyone.
Just bought another 1000 of it. And will get more and more.”

- Veronika T.
Handy to have in case.

"After receiving my package I quickly tried several and am very impressed. They are about as large as a standard sheet of printer paper and very durable. Just don't try flushing one!"

- Daniel F.

Portable Hygiene Kit

Refill Wipe Tablets (200 pack)
Refillable Wipe Dispenser
2 Refillable Wipe Cases
Alcohol-free Hand Sanitizer

20% Savings v. Individual Sets

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